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Caban is the Apulian handicraft company that combines classic elegance with a modern and contemporary style and transforms the finest fabrics into fashionable outerwear. Caban is a collection of women's coat made from fine raw materials such as Alpaca, Baby Lama and Cashmere.

Fabrics and accessories are produced with low environmental impact methods. We are aware that the textile industry is among the most polluting in the world, which is why we strive every day to eliminate waste and optimize production processes.

All our materials, in addition to being totally sustainable, guarantee the quality of the fabrics and the durability of the garment itself.Timeless garments with soft lines and up to date fashion trends, enhance the elegance and femininity of every woman. Each of our collections incorporates the colors of nature and seasons.In the summer we surrender to the sound of the sea waves and get lost in the endless expanses of crystal clear beaches. Craftsmanship, modernity, precious fibers, come together in each of our collections. What makes a Caban garment unique and special are the attention to detail, precision, history and tradition behind it.


Italian character

Typical Italian craftsmanship, capable of transforming precious fabrics into contemporary outerwear.


Transversal design

Different styles, current moods, which are proposed to women with strong personalities.


Traditions and Trends

Manuela Conti products take shape in modern volumes and innovative fabrics, while keeping intact the cultural background of the Italian textile and manufacturing tradition.

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Come Together In Each Of Our Coat

Craftsmanship, Modernity, Precious Fibers,


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